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Goodbye, sweet vacation home!

On July 8, we received a very good offer on our beloved Sunriver condo. We have accepted. The paperwork will close next Friday, and we will be handing over the keys.

As our son stated so very well when he heard the news, “It’s the end of an era for our family.” And he’s completely correct, as our vacation home of 12 years allowed us to enjoy a fresh-aired, woodland respite for year round pleasure.

Dan and I spent all the time there we possibly could, driving over the pass every two weeks almost without fail! We made the very best kind of memories there, including our annual Thanksgiving and New Years celebrations with family and friends. We spent summer weekends by the pool, on the river or the golf courses, taking long walks, bicycling, or riding my silly little (but oh, so fun!) scooters all around the resort. And in the winter our family spent extended time together enjoying everything Sunriver, Mt. Bachelor, and the immediate area offered: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, wildlife watching, and even some well documented and attended “snow fort” building.

No doubt I will shed some serious tears as I leave the place for the last time next week. I’m more sentimental nowadays than I’ve ever been, and during all those years of enjoying our little get-away place my beloved Kali girl was always front and center. She very enthusiastically enjoyed everything life in the woods with her human family had to offer. I have such great memories of her demonstrating her excellent fetching skills out in the river or running happy and free along side us on the many bike paths and dirt trails. Of course, she was always happiest when our boys were along—as was I!

Removing our belongings from the condo has been kind of a sad experience, but as one chapter ends, another begins! We have purchased a bare lot in a new neighborhood in the southern part of Bend, and we have plans to build our future retirement home there. It should be done by mid next spring, and then we will begin a new era of traditions.

The new neighborhood is close to the Deschutes River Trail, Mt. Bachelor, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, and several parks. So much of what we enjoyed in Sunriver will still be available to us. We can walk to much of it. Though Dan isn’t quite ready to retire just yet, we plan to move there permanently in a few years. And in the meantime, we hope to figure out how to split our time between our new place and our existing home once the new house is completed.

I do plan to document the build progress of the new home here on my blog, so check back now and then if you’d like to follow along.

Here’s to new adventures for us all!







  1. It will be so strange to travel to Bend and not drive through the circles in SR. I’ll miss the meandering path through the neighborhoods but I’m sure most of your visitors won’t! Can’t wait for the new memories that we’ll be making there.

  2. We were just thinking about you guys and wondering if the condo sold. Thanks for the lovely story. You can look forward to new memories, and backward on the great times had!

  3. So happy for you! Bittersweet. Mostly sweet since you know where you want to be. Miss you.

  4. Great read! You’ll always have your good memories to look back on, and now without skipping a beat, you’re already building new ones. How fun! Good luck with your new home project!

    • Thank you, Mo. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity. And it’s already been a bit of a wild ride!

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