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So long, but not good-bye!

Please visit the links below to scroll through images. The photo above is just a screen shot of the actual web listing.

It’s time to say good-bye to our home of 22+ years. As our son said, “It’s the beginning of a new era.” How right he was, for we had no freaking idea how different our life would soon become!

Life throws you some real curve-balls from time to time, and 2020 had quite a few in store for us. We’re absolutely fine, and I won’t go into details here, but let’s just say there have been some unexpected challenges to overcome of late!

Please help us out and share these links if you know of anyone looking for a home in the west Beaverton area:

And are two video tours:

I can’t say I love the music here, but you can still get the idea!

Enjoy. Here’s to a happy, prosperous, and Covid-free ending to the remainder of 2020!