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It’s GARAGE SALE weekend Sept. 18-19!

Despite Covid, despite racial injustice, despite the violence in our cities, and despite the terrible, awful fires cross our beautiful state (OMG, what’s next???), we are forging ahead with our planned moving/estate/garage sale in Beaverton. We have almost 23 years worth of our own stuff, my Mom’s stuff, and our kid’s stuff that needs to go!

Here is the link to our ad on CraigsList: (link was removed after the sale)

And it will appear in the Oregonian/Oregon Live from Thursday, Sept. 17-Saturday, Sept. 19.

Hope to see you there!


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  1. Hey-
    So happy for you guys. I would love to meet up for a walk or coffee before you go once this crazy smoke clears.
    Have you sold the house? My realtor friend is Jan McDuffee. She is excellent. Here is her # if you want it. 503 – 704 – 2624
    Hope all is going well for you. Such an exciting time for you. Sending you all the best.

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