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UPDATE, JULY 14 – And the Move Begins!

  • November 21 - Bare land, before actual construction began.


I apologize for the recent long delay about the construction progress of our new home. Most of the work was on the interior and progress seemed slow, so I didn’t want to keep posting photos of the same things with only minor changes.

The home itself is now complete, and we took possession on July 10. We were supposed to have closed on July 8 (which was actually our SECOND extended scheduled closing date–thanks very much COVID-19!!!). In addition, the builders were not quite “done” until 5pm on the 8th and the bank neglected to do their final inspection until the day of closing, so it took an additional two days to get the final draw wired out. As a result, we were dragging around a huge borrowed and fully loaded cargo trailer (thank you for the loan, Ron & Nita!) over the entire the City of Bend for two stressful days. We went from hotel to hotel while we communicated with the lender and waited for the wire to post. It was very frustrating after having traveled 200 miles with our belongings, expecting to close on the 8th. And it isn’t like everyone didn’t know months in advance when the closing date was!

Anyway, we have started our move now and boxes here are everywhere. We anticipate it will take a few weeks of packing and making trips back and forth from city to city before we are completely out of our current home. Then the current house will go on the market, hopefully sometime in August. It is a strange feeling to be leaving the community after living here almost 23 years!

I’ll post some additional photos when we have some of our furniture in the new place and it begins to look a little more homey. Stay tuned!


  1. Looks great, Patti!
    Best of luck with as smooth a move as possible. And I know that’s a challenge!

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