New Home

Construction Begins!

  • November 21 - Bare land, before actual construction began.

I’ve been remiss in posting photos of our new home’s construction as promised in my last post. Of course, my November toe surgery slowed things down a bit––quite literally! And, can someone say “frostbite???” Then the holidays came and went, and earlier this month I was in a car accident that totaled out my car (don’t worry, I’m fine, but I needed time to find some new “wheels”). Needless to say, it’s been an eventful couple of months!

Several of you have been asking how the house construction is coming along. Dan and I drive over twice a month to check things out and take photos of its progress, but we also receive weekly email reports and photos from our project manager, Sonya. We believe the photos she sends are actually taken by the project lead on site, so the photos aren’t always the best quality nor are they taken from the same angle. But above is a slide show of the photos we have received to date. I think you’ll still get the idea. Enjoy!