About PK

A born and bred Oregonian, I’ve lived in the Portland metro area all my life. My husband and I met as college students at Oregon State, married, and raised two boys of whom we can proudly say are fine adults. Fortunately for us, they remain close both geographically and in our hearts. We enjoy spending time together.

After going back to college as a young mom to finish my degree in Graphic Design, I worked as a graphic designer, art department manager, freelance artist, key accounts salesperson, custom trade show booth salesperson, and finally a document and promotional products marketer/salesperson.

Lucky enough to retire relatively early in life, I was able to begin prioritizing my health. I’ve learned a thing or two about Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in the recent past, plus how to minimize allergic reactions to foods and environmental triggers. I fill most of my days volunteering my graphics skills for a small handful of organizations, taking classes, and managing two households. I am an avid participant in three women’s golf organizations, and I enjoy travel, food, wine, walking, hiking, skiing, and reading.

I also really love learning something new! I started this blog as an anti-Facebook journal to keep friends and family informed about the goings on in our lives. My intention is to do so with a little more thought and purpose than that big social media platform allowed (and without all the controversy and editing that they still cannot seem to steer clear of…Oh! Did I mention Twitter & Instagram too? They are so gone from my life and it feels really great!). As a designer, I never made the leap to web design so with the help of WordPress I’m learning a whole new way to communicate.

And while in the learning mode, I reserve the right to change my mind about what is posted on this blog or how it appears. As such, I suppose this will be an ever-changing place to visit. I hope you will subscribe, comment on what you read and see, and generally enjoy the ride!